Strength is:

  • Accepting change
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Coping with pain and difficult feelings
  • Looking at the experiences you’ve been through with compassion
  • Acknowledging your flaws and imperfections
  • Knowing your limits
  • Opening up and talking honestly about your mental health
  • Looking after your wellbeing
  • Challenging your inner self-critic
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Questioning negative beliefs
  • Committing to doing the best you can at any one time
  • Living in line with your values
  • Understanding you can’t have all the answers
  • Having patience for your own development
  • Helping that development along wherever you can
  • Trusting the timing of your life
  • Asking for help when you need it
  • Being self-aware, reflective and encouraging your own growth
  • Celebrating what makes you unique
  • Living hopefully
  • Allowing happiness in when you find it

Where is my anchor?

I am having to let go of some of my most deeply ingrained meaning structures: the thoughts and beliefs that have formed my sense of self, as well as the basis of how I understand and interpret the world and my place within it. Now I feel lost, adrift, bereft. I have no sense of who I am. I feel displaced. Even in my own home. I walk the streets like a lost spirit. I grasp at pieces of hope and connection, but they never enough to replace my emptiness and confusion. I want to be anchored. I want to find a sense of purpose and belonging. We all need to be anchored in something, for that it what enables us to bear the storms of the sea and the turbulence of the waves. Right now I am being swept away by the current, unable to gain a foothold, trying desperately to keep my head above the water.

You are enough

Much of the pain and suffering we experience throughout life are really the result of our thoughts. Our minds are powerful. They create, shape and rearrange our world. There are so many different ways to live, but the storyline we follow as individuals ultimately derives from the narratives we tell ourselves in our own heads. Take care of yourself by taking care of what you tell yourself. Turn your shadows into friends, your pain into purpose, and your failures into teachers. Accept what has already passed and have faith in what will be. Trust the timing of the universe and trust yourself. Once you believe in your own self-worth, everything will begin falling into place. The truth is already out there, and has been waiting within you to be found. You have purpose, value, meaning, love and courage and goodness in you. You are whole, worthy, peaceful, joyful and balanced, just as you are. You are already enough. Nothing more is needed. You just have to believe it to be true.

Making Progress

Progress: ‘the forward or onward movement towards a destination.’

We can never be perfect. Our lives will always be a work in progress. And progress takes time. Life brings innumerable challenges. Some are minor setbacks that we manage to overcome without too much difficulty. Other challenges we face feel more like mountains, rising up before us like almighty, unconquerable beasts. They fill us with a sense of dread and offer no easy path around or through them. We tremble inside at the mere thought of the climb, fearing we will end up scathed or exhausted. We might not even know where to place our first step.

Remember that these worries and fears are natural. Throughout our lifetimes we will all encounter things that cause us to grapple with difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, which might threaten to overwhelm us. Be gentle with yourself. A mountain can only be climbed one step at a time. Each step is as important as the last, and the next one to come. If you don’t know where to start, ask someone for help. Not every challenge can be conquered on our own. Sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement and advice to set us on our way.

As you start your climb, be mindful that there may be times where you find yourself feeling tired, despondent or hopeless. Don’t be discouraged by this. Progress is rarely straightforward and linear. We may need pause, step back, reroute or double back on ourselves. It’s not easy finding a way into new things. Part of the conditions of change, transformation and growth is that they challenge us. We cannot hope for things to be different without accepting that ‘difference’ also means loss and letting go. When we move onwards, we inevitably leave things behind us.  

Understandably this can bring up painful feelings, and in the face of change and the unknown we may get a strong urge to turn back and retreat. Remember to be compassionate to the part of you that feels scared and vulnerable, and that it takes courage and strength to do what you’re doing. No matter which point of the mountain you happen to find yourself at, take time to appreciate and reward yourself for being exactly where you are. In choosing to keep going you are choosing your self-worth, your value, your unique talents and capabilities, and your potential. In other words, you are choosing yourself.

Never forget that you are worth your own investment. Those doubts you harbour in your mind are not your truth.  You are singularly wonderful and forever irreplaceable, and nothing can ever take this away from you. Your existence matters, and in the very act of choosing to live, you are making progress. Day by day, and step by step, your mountain will start to become the making of you.



Knock knock, let me in.

There are things that I need to do with my existence. I have been waiting far too long to come alive. For so long I was knocking at the door and no one answered. I was left outside in the cold. Alone, afraid and hopeless. But now I realise. I have the key. I must open the door for myself. No one can do it for me. Now is the time. No more knocking.  I am arriving. I am letting myself in.

Keep going

Your pain is more than just pain; it is also your courage and strength, for you are

enduring it. Your torments and fears are the foundation of your growth and

transformation. From your challenges your bravery and resilience are borne. What is

unbearable now will bring you clarity and light. What feels too dark to cope with will be

your guiding star. You have more wonder and beauty in you than you dare to see. You

are stronger, braver, more determined and more brilliant than you can possibly

conceive of in this present moment. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.




Fear holds us back. Fear prohibits growth. Fear is limiting, constrictive, damaging. It is often irrational. It does not need reason to exist. It does not care what is wrong or right. Fear is the adversary of freedom, comfort and safety. Fear has no compassion. It offers no sanctuary. Fear is the asylum of the mind. It breeds suspicion and dread. Fear feeds on light. Fear is dark. Fear silences life. Fear makes us small. Fear is our inner self, alone and cowering. Reach out inside yourself. Find that part of you, sitting scared. The part that fear keeps cold and shaking. Hold its hand. Keep it close. For fear cannot fight love. Fear feels it and flees from it: the warmth and hope is its enemy. So hold yourself. Close. Closer. Closer still. Hold yourself above worry. Above time. Above earthly concerns. Above thinking. Up here fear has no place. Fear cannot live in light. Fear knows it cannot survive. And suddenly fear becomes itself: running scared, before your eyes. And suddenly- Look! There goes fear. Fleeing for its life. Off into the distance, shrinking.