Some Lessons life has taught me

Hope can be found and restored even after many years of darkness.

Nature is good for the soul.

Listen to birdsong – we take it for granted.

Healing takes time and effort.

There are no true answers to most of life’s questions.

Self-awareness is extremely powerful and a great tool for positive change. However, focusing excessively on oneself can be damaging.

Connect with the past, but do not linger there.

Everything we feel must pass eventually.

Life is short – do what you can while you still have it.

I will never understand the world or my role in it, but that is okay. Some things are meant to remain a mystery.

There is no fixed reality out there – only our subjective interpretation of it.

Resilience is important. It means being able to carry on in spite of everything- even your own mind telling you to stop.

The body and mind are a team. Unite them.

Value those around you, even strangers. They in turn can teach you your own value.

The world inside our heads can expand to be as measurelessly vast as the universe or shrink down to the tiniest speck. It is up to us how large we make it and how far we travel through it.

Pay attention, stay curious and notice things.

Be kind. Respect each and every person you encounter. Everyone has their own struggles.

Eat well, savour food and feed your soul.

If the mind can conceive it, you can achieve it.

One lifetime is enough (if you live it right).

Gossamer drop

I live with defiance
clinging like a drop
on a spider’s silken web
one clouded speck of a soul
bound and braced along the filament
in damp pearl-strung suspense
waiting for the fateful day
that looms somewhere ahead
when my eight-legged maker finds me
upon her silver spun thread
hoping I am strong enough
not to fall off, or be cut loose early
by a wayward shard
of my own grim intent.


fishing for thoughts

on the floor of my mind

I sit weightlessly                     (weightlessly) 

rocking slowly, back and forth

casting my silver reel

into lunar lakes of thought

watching the slender line sinking     

into the swirling basin

before cautiously                    (cautiously) 

dipping my toes in

one by one, edging away 

from the vacant ground                       

moving steadily, down down            

   but then                               (but then) 

retracting swiftly back

as I feel the ice cold grip

trying to pull me in                    

for if       slip 

and fall 

into these waters 

I might lose myself                 (drown) 

and forget how 

to swim.