Never Assume You Know..

.. What is going on in someone else’s head. There are as many different ways of experiencing the world as there are people living in it. We think we see things the way they are, but in actual fact we see them according to a infinitely huge and mostly invisible number of external and internal influences that shape our understanding of everything around us.

We should respect each other’s differences, rather than angered by them. Everything in this life is governed by interpretation. Truth is a continually shifting relationship, not a certainty. If you can carry this knowledge forward, you will be able to treat yourself and other people with kindness, consideration and compassion. We may not always be able to see eye-to-eye, but we can still choose to smile.

I’m beginning to work again

And I ran!! It was the first time my mind and body have been strong/ in sync and able to work for me normally since coming out of my very dark depression. I don’t usually run in the rain but this time every wet drop on my skin and breath of cold air felt amazing. I always used to hate bad weather but this time I was so grateful just to be experiencing any weather at all.

It is crazy that only this time last week I was so physically crippled from my mental health condition that I needed my dad’s help to walk down the street and couldn’t look anyone in the eye. Living with bipolar can make life incredibly scary and unpredictable, but it feels like my energy is coming back. The cloud has lifted for now and I hope it stays that way. I’ll take each day as it comes. Being alive is awesome. Never forget it.

Drip drop


‘Akira, are you crying? I thought you had a good day?’

‘It was great.’

‘So they are tears of happiness then?’


‘No, no, no. Sad, sad, sad.’

‘Why are they sad tears?’


‘I don’t know. Ask my eyes.’


‘Okay, I’ll ask: Akira’s eyes, why are you crying?’

‘They say, “Maybe this is all for nothing.”‘

‘What is? You or the crying?’