Welcome in

Hello, human. This is my mind. Please step inside for a minute.. 

Are you comfortable? Good, I’ll begin. 

My name is Georgia and I am a 24 year old writer with a passion for language, psychology and storytelling. Words have always brought me great comfort and joy – in both times of light and times of darkness. They are my outlet for personal expression and give me the creative freedom to delve into and explore the human mind, which I think is the most powerful tool we possess.

I also happen to be living with, and managing, a mental health condition called bipolar. My perception of reality can be radically altered by a change in my brain chemicals, and this means I see the world in strange but fascinating ways. Although this can be confusing, scary and difficult, there are also periods of happiness, clarity and wonder.

It is a truth not universally acknowledged that reality begins inside our own heads. We are all part of this shifting, kaleidoscopic stream of feelings, impressions, thoughts, behaviours and emotions that comprise our human experience: the thing we call life. I hope that my writing can help to spark your own interest and curiosity, and show you that there is always more out there. To find it, you just have to look up and keep moving forward..

‘Happiness can be found in the darkest of times,
if only one remembers to turn on the light.’ 

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