Fear holds us back. Fear prohibits growth. Fear is limiting, constrictive, damaging. It is often irrational. It does not need reason to exist. It does not care what is wrong or right. Fear is the adversary of freedom, comfort and safety. Fear has no compassion. It offers no sanctuary. Fear is the asylum of the mind. It breeds suspicion and dread. Fear feeds on light. Fear is dark. Fear silences life. Fear makes us small. Fear is our inner self, alone and cowering. Reach out inside yourself. Find that part of you, sitting scared. The part that fear keeps cold and shaking. Hold its hand. Keep it close. For fear cannot fight love. Fear feels it and flees from it: the warmth and hope is its enemy. So hold yourself. Close. Closer. Closer still. Hold yourself above worry. Above time. Above earthly concerns. Above thinking. Up here fear has no place. Fear cannot live in light. Fear knows it cannot survive. And suddenly fear becomes itself: running scared, before your eyes. And suddenly- Look! There goes fear. Fleeing for its life. Off into the distance, shrinking.

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