You are enough

Much of the pain and suffering we experience throughout life are really the result of our thoughts. Our minds are powerful. They create, shape and rearrange our world. There are so many different ways to live, but the storyline we follow as individuals ultimately derives from the narratives we tell ourselves in our own heads. Take care of yourself by taking care of what you tell yourself. Turn your shadows into friends, your pain into purpose, and your failures into teachers. Accept what has already passed and have faith in what will be. Trust the timing of the universe and trust yourself. Once you believe in your own self-worth, everything will begin falling into place. The truth is already out there, and has been waiting within you to be found. You have purpose, value, meaning, love and courage and goodness in you. You are whole, worthy, peaceful, joyful and balanced, just as you are. You are already enough. Nothing more is needed. You just have to believe it to be true.

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