Open your eyes

All natural objects have their own unique sense of charm and wonder. They come in an infinite variety of forms, textures, colours and shapes. Be curious and inquisitive. Go out into the world and delight in what is all around you. Notice things. Take nothing for granted. Remember that every moment is unique and unrepeatable. Look again at objects that you would usually pass by or consider ordinary; it could be a brick wall, a door handle, fallen leaves or the point of a pencil. Observe life from new angles and pay attention to the experiences you are having. The meaning we give to things can be renewed and transformed by making use of our minds and challenging the way we think. Try to see what difference it makes if you choose to have ‘encounters’ with the things around you on your walks. Anything can be a source of inspiration. Our imaginations really do have the power to change the relationship with have with the world. If you can open your eyes and see –not merely look- you will find that life need never be boring again.

A subtle yet important difference

We all have knowledge, but that does not mean we have truth.

Not everyone realises that knowledge and truth are different. It is possible to have a vast amount of knowledge and still not possess a single truth. The fact is that humans are only very good at guessing things. It is therefore our responsibility to cast our judgements carefully, and be aware of how we form our beliefs and opinions.  I believe we should place more value on the process of unlearning and starting again as we already place on the original act of learning. Everything in life is subject to change and interpretation. The best knowledge we can hope to attain is the kind that is unfixed and open to continual reappraisal or new ideas. Truth is a noble concept, but it is very hard to find.