Life is full of absurdism and craziness. If you need to step back and not ‘know’ for a bit, then you are perfectly entitled to do so. You have the right to not have it all figured out. You have the right to turn around and start over. You have the right to be whatever you wish, whatever that is (and what that is will never be quite the same twice). Brilliant. Dull. Empty. Fearful. Sad. Happy. Tired, or Inspired. YOU can be all these things. YOU can be free-thinking and free. You can be your own invention. You can be  eloquent and refined. Or you can go bonkers. You can even be a lunatic. You have nothing you need to prove. Do nothing if you want. Entertain ambivalence. Travel backwards. Jump into doubt just to see what’s there. Allow yourself the space for uncertainty. Life is never resolved. Everything happens in its own time. Nothing comes too soon or too late (even if we may feel it to be that way). YOU are perfectly you right now. Just as you are. Not a speck different. Not one. YOU are entirely as you are meant to be. A work in progress. Evolving. Learning. Unlearning. Changing. Doing. Undoing. Becoming and Renewing. But above all, you are brilliantly, stupendously, irreplaceably YOU.

And I can’t stress that last bit enough.

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