The true artist

The true artist is never bored. She knows that every moment can be an experience. She is inquisitive and curious about each object she encounters; from pavements, bricks and leaves, to trees and lampposts. She trains her mind to notice things that other people overlook. She is able to find the wonder and magic in the life of everything she observes. She turns the ordinary into the extraordianry. She takes nothing for granted. She allows herself to relate to the world around her in new ways. She paints her canvas in many beautiful, prismatic shades and colours. She is sensitive, yet quietly brave and daring. She follows her intuition. She understands that there is always more. Her work is never done. She is never the same person twice. She is forever evolving. Each second is a mystery; an opportunity; a possibility. Life is a story and she writes is well. She is explorer of the world. She is a true artist.

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