Express how you really feel

It is indicative of something wrong with society, when the only emotions that we feel comfortable expressing, showing or sharing with others, are positive, hopeful or happy ones. We should be permitted to communicate all our feelings, where and when we feel them to be true. This will necessarily mean that sometimes we speak of difficult emotions such as sadness, fear, grief and despair. Why should these feelings be outlawed, invalidated or disproved of when they are an integral and basic part of being human? The more we can show others what we feel ourselves to be, the more we will be united by, rather than isolated by, the universal truths of life. Speak honestly and from the heart, and be considerate and compassionate towards others when you encounter the same honesty from them. This one simple act – to give someone the space to express how they really feel – would create a wider understanding between, and better life for, all mankind.

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