We only die once

And then that’s it. We are removed from this earth; from life, from living, from breathing, thinking, sensing, moving, touching and feeling. We are removed from experience and conscious thought. The drive to move forward will be gone, for with death comes eternal and unalterable stillness. What then, shall we do with our lives and mortality while we still have the time to make something of them? Every day is a chance to rewrite our narrative; to relive our world in a new way. We often live without truly thinking – without pausing to look inwards and question what we are doing. Is there meaning in it? Does it fulfil us? Are we doing what we want to do? And if not, why not? Why do we wait? What is there to wait for except more lost time? Hurry up and live. There’s no better moment than now. Tomorrow is uncertain, and the future is never guaranteed. We only die once. So begin at once to live.

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