Look. Now open your eyes

All natural objects have their own unique sense of charm. They come in an infinite variety of forms, textures, colours and shapes. Go out into the world and delight in what is all around you. Be curious and inquisitive. Notice things. Take nothing for granted. Remember that every moment is unrepeatable. Reexamine objects you usually pass by or consider ordinary; it could be a brick wall, a door handle, fallen leaves or the point of a pencil. Look at life from new angles and pay attention to the experiences you are having. The meaning we give to things can be renewed and transformed by making use of our minds in different and more thoughtful ways. Anything can be a source of inspiration. Our imaginations have the power to change our relationship with everything we encounter.  The world can be a new world. If you can open your eyes and see, rather than merely look, you need never be bored again.

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