The Light

There’s a light up in my attic
and I didn’t switch it on –
that means there’s someone up there
and I want that someone gone.

I don’t know how they came
or for how long they have stayed,
but they don’t seem keen on leaving
and I’m feeling quite afraid.

Sometimes they turn it off
and the attic’s dark again
so I start to feel better
but every now and then..

.. this light up in the attic
feels rather like a friend.
(But I’m still too scared to visit
in case they’re bad instead)

Perhaps one day I’ll go and see
the someone that this light might be,
but maybe it’s all in my head
and the light is only me!

So although it’s strange and still remains
an unsolved mystery,
I hope the light will stay around
to keep me company:

’cause I’m not sure if I like it
but I know when it’s aglow
the light up in the attic
makes me feel less alone.

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