A tree please

Just for a day, or two, I wish I could stop being human and be a tree instead. I think everyday about what life would be like if I were a different kind of creature or living thing. I find the task of being human increasingly tiring and overwhelming. At times I want it all to stop. I feel so unnatural.. sitting in my head all day, staring out of the world through a kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings. Each day I go one more step along the world. One more, then one more.. and another, and another.. That’s it, keep going! You’re doing great. You’ve got it! 

.. Maybe if I was one of the willow trees overlooking the river things would be much simpler. Perhaps they are all just sleeping.. In some ways I relate to the trees, especially the giant old ones with gnarled bark and thick sprawling branches. I feel as though I am already ancient myself. I have so much history under my skin and in my bones. Too much. Making me creak. Creaaaaak. The trees can be still as everything else passes through: all the to-ing and fro-ing, all the coming and going. I could certainly do with closing my eyes for a century.. or even two..

If only someone could make me a tree.

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