Love and Bother

You’re a girl.

I have noticed that.

So do you want a boyfriend?


But do you want children?


Don’t you want to get married?


That’s such a shame.

No, it isn’t.


Well then, do you want to end up old and alone?


Is there something wrong with you?


Why don’t you want these things?

Because they are avoidable and aggravating inconveniences which disrupt my otherwise happy state of mind.


Will you please go away now?


A Short Love Story


Everyone thought Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine would make the perfect couple.

Everyone was surprised when Little Miss Sunshine said, ‘Mr Happy, you are a very nice man – but I’m afraid I prefer to be on my own. I hope we can still be friends.’ 

‘That’s okay, Little Miss Sunshine’, said Mr Happy. ‘I believe that the most important thing is to be true to oneself. Let’s enjoy each other’s company and carry on being wonderful friends. I’m glad you have told me how you feel.’ 

‘Thank you. It’s just the way I am, you see. I can’t help it.

‘Of course. You can only ever be you.’

Then they lived happily ever after – meeting up every so often to spend quality time together as friends. They would discuss life and have a laugh over a coffee. Mr Happy always had a flat white, while Little Miss Sunshine preferred an americano. As much as she enjoyed and looked forward to their meetings, after a couple of hours Little Miss Sunshine would always need to go back home to be on her own again. 

Mr Happy understood. 

The End. 

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