I Ain’t No Lady.

So much dialogue these days is focused on discussing or explaining the disparities between men and women and how we ought to equalise them. I never feel like a woman unless I am put in a context where I am expected to act like one. At home, I don’t have to worry- or even think, for that matter- about being a girl; and I’m happy this way. Not that there is anything wrong with being a girl:

I just want to act and express myself according to what is in my nature, not my gender. 

I don’t like the way we label traits as masculine or feminine, or how we have to play games with each other in relation to our gender. Many of the rules in place happen to  afford certain groups of people great advantages at the expense of others, by placing restrictive controls, expectations and limitations on them. So much of modern life is held in sway by this ‘Gender Politics’, which is founded upon what makes us different rather than what makes us similar. Sadly, it is from this foundation that a seemingly unassailable empire of division and prejudice has been built.

Nevertheless, I can still make a personal choice- even if it’s only small. Because I now happen to know that I’m not a label, a marketing demographic, or how I dress in clothes. Consequently I am not interested in companies that suggest my priorities ought to be enhancing my physical appearance, chasing eternal beauty or finding a male partner. Nor am I interested men who interact with me as though our thoughts and intellect belong to different realms. I do not see life through the narrow lens of a purely feminised perspective. My experience of the world is one of an individual: that is to say, on a par with everyone else and entirely unique.

Yes, some part of me is female. However, I think what’s more important are the fundamentals of my own humanity: my cognition, awareness, feelings, emotions, intelligence and judgement. For it is these things- along with our individual qualities, desires, and dreams- that shape the conscious existence of every person on this planet. When I close the door and all the noise of the outside world falls away, I am ultimately just me: my human soul and I. So here it is, speaking out to you..


I’m afraid I ain’t no lady, man

I’m a mere unit of life! (Where it all first began)

I can’t say why I feel this way, 

But it gets me through the day okay.

It’s nice to have girls, boys, women and men –

I just wish we were equal and we could all be friends

So if it’s alright can we each be the ‘Who’ 

That makes me, me 

And makes you, you. 


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