I drank lots of peppermint tea.

I felt disconnected from the world and everyone in it.

I decided it would be good for me to go out and take a stroll in the countryside. The weather forecast was for sunshine but in the middle of my walk a thunderstorm appeared.

It rained on me. A lot.

At home I ate some homemade blueberry cake- it was so lovely. I sprinkled lots of sunflower seeds on it because I love them.

I thought about how some days are harder than others.

In the evening I felt lost and alone.

I watched people on the street walk past from my bedroom window.

I ate some fruit that was indecently under-ripe.

I put an extra blanket on my bed to stay warm and went to sleep with a pile of crosswords.

I lit a scented candle and it smelt nice.

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