New Arrivals!

At 4.00am on the 30th August my darling girl Suki gave birth to two beautiful tri-colour Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppies. We have one little girl (Roo) and one little boy (Roddy).

The labour process began the previous evening at 9.30pm and went remarkably smoothly. Both brother and sister arrived within ten minutes of each other and it was amazing to be there to help them out of their sacs while Suki’s mothering instincts immediately kicked in- licking them clean and letting them nestle close into her fur for milk and warmth. It was a magical experience and I am so happy to have welcomed them into the world.

I will be helping Suki to look after them until they are old enough to leave for their new homes in 8 to 10 weeks time, with families that I know will love them greatly. I have had very little sleep since they arrived (they are very squeaky little blighters..!) but it has all been worth it. I can’t wait to watch them grow up and I am so proud of Suki for being such a brilliant first-time mum.

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