Pick n’ Mix Toolkit for a Good Day

I take at least three and mix them around.

  1. Morning coffee (and toast)
  2. Thoughtful thinking
  3. An act of kindness to a stranger
  4. Helping someone with directions
  5. Good music (sometimes for the beat, sometimes for the lyrics)
  6. Dancing in my bedroom
  7. Green tea, and an afternoon Earl Grey
  8. Walking my dog, Suki
  9. Listening to birdsong
  10. Exercising to get my heart rate up
  11. Rest
  12. Taking time to prepare meals
  13. Remembering to taste, not only to eat
  14. Paying attention: being curious
  15. Expressing my feelings
  16. Writing
  17. Crosswords and Radio 4
  18. Showing the people I love that I love them
  19. Sleeping underneath fresh duvet covers
  20. Remembering that I am a capable, strong and good person



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