Two Sirs


Hello sir, how do you do? Are you well?

Indeed I do do well. 

You do do sir?

That is correct, I do. 

I thought you said you did do twice?

No no, just once is enough if it is a very well to-do do. 

So.. you are well sir?

Indeed, I just told you.. I do very well! Even better than I did do yesterday. 

Well then sir, it is certainly nice to know you are doing well.

Yes, and if you had been listening properly you would know by now that I do in fact do quite well. 

That is an awful lot of do’s sir.

I say!

Yes sir, that is the problem. You do in fact say much too much sir.

It’s all much of a muchness to me I’m afraid.

Well well well.

Well what? 

I suppose, sir..


Well sir..

Well, well what? 

Well that’s just it sir.

What is? 

You know full well sir.

No I don’t.

Well well.

Oh, damnation! 

Now you see, sir. Farewell.

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